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Schematics & Circuit Diagrams

Current FVP & RTP Circuits - April 2001

FVP5A - similar to the FVP-5 but note the All Tube Line Stage

RTP3C - with an All Tube Line Stage - What Allen uses for himself

Earlier RTP Circuits - from January '99

RTP5 - All RIAA EQ in Phono Stage

RTP3B - Split RIAA EQ between Phono & Line Stages

Earlier FVP Circuit - from January '99

First FVP5 with improved Super Linear Cathode Follower

Older FVP Diagrams

FVP Circuit Diagram - Phono plus Line Stage

FVP Total Harmonic Distortion - Phono and Line Stage

PP-1C Power Amp

Circuit Diagram of PP-1C Tube Power Amp

Complete Power Supply Diagram

Total Harmonic Distortion Graph of PP-1C
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