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RTP3D Realtime Preamplifier

Patrick Kennedy in SixMoons

May 2010: Patrick Kennedy reviews our big Preamplifier, in the well renowned
online Hifi magazine Sixmoons and is VERY positive about it. He states for example:

"No other preamp I've heard matches the microdynamic capabilities of the RTP3D. On a scale of 1 to 10, it's an 11.
The nearest competitor is the Lyra Connoisseur 4.2SE with a score of 9. And the Lyra Connioseur is head and shoulders above the rest. So the RTP3D in my book has no peers on dynamic and especially microdynamics ..."
Read his compete review:

"... this preamp reaches new heights of uncoloured and beautiful reproduction of music."

Jack Roberts’ take on the Vacuum State Electronics Inc RTP3D 2-chassis preamplifier
January, 2007:

"...I know I have to talk a little about bass, midrange, treble, imaging and soundstaging. So here it is short and sweet, the bass is the tightest I have ever heard from a tube preamp, I think from any preamp, The midrange is the most transparent I have ever heard and top end is the most extended, "nuf said". It images precisely and is very tightly focused. The soundstage is wide, very deep, and everything has its own space in the soundstage. I think that about sums it up. It's not about that stuff though. It's about the "beaufiful whole". ..."
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Positive feedback online - issue 26

Brad Morrical on the search for the right Preamp: Part3: Kondo KSL M7, Vacuum State RTP-3D and AcousticPlan Sarod - What Price Glory? Read more

SVP Tube Preamp

HiFi plus

The very well renowned Roy Gregory writes about our SVP-2:

"... Looking for shortcomings you'll need to compare the SVP-2 to the very best (and most expensive units) out there..."

Download the whole review (PDF 600k) to read more


The SVP full (MC & MM phono line) Tube Preamp is based on the unbalanced FVP5A circuit (with improvements). Available as a kit directly from Vacuum State, or completely built & warranted from us or our agents.

Read German arcticle (PDF 900k)

For further information download the user manual (PDF 570k)

JLTi Phono Stage

... fantastic performance with every combination ...

Jeff Dorgay from Tone Audio Magazine reviews our JLTi Phono Pre. In a short summary for their index he states:

" This tiny Swiss phono stage ... should be considered mandatory to get truly impressive sound and value. We felt that the JLTi was the most neutral phono stage we have heard at this price point and were constantly amazed that such a big, authoritative sound could come from such a small package."

His full review is available from ToneAudio, Issue 11, p. 134-139. This is a big file (41,25MB), as it downloads the full issue instead of the just six pages you need, so please do not get upset and be patient, when you do the download:

The JLTi Phono Stage - MC & MM solid state with great sound and amazing. specs.

hifi & records review, english translation (PDF 90k)

Positive feedback online - issue 28

"The JLTi... really did not sound like a solid stage phono stage, it had more of a very well designed tube phono stage sound. After a few days of listening to the JLTi a reality check was in order. Was the modestly priced JLTi really that good? Did it really offer that much bang for the buck?"

Read entire Review to confirm the answer was a resounding 'yes' and the large list of other phono stages that was used in listening comparisons. "The JLTi phono stage is a very good phono stage that... performs far above its price point. ."
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Equipment Review by Roy Gregory

"... The very first notes are enough to convince you that this is no ordinary amplifier ... an almost spookily realistic presentation ... no sense of anything between you and the performers ... the most natural and easily audible reproduction of jazz bass I've ever heard ..."
These are just a few of Roy Gregory's enthusiastic statements on our DPA-300B mono-bloc power amps in his detailed equipment review in HiFi Plus, Issue 66. Download his complete review (PDF 700k) here.

Product of the Year

"... the grand prize for the best piece of equipment to come into my possession this year ..."
At the bottom of this review by Bill Gaw you will also find an article by the designer Allen Wright, in which he explains the concept behind the DPA-300B in further detail.
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Product of the Year

"Second year in a row - Product of the Year"
Once again you will find a couple of comments by Allen Wright at the end of Bill Gaw's article, who comes to the conclusion "I'm enamored and will live happily ever after with them ..."
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Audio Fest 05

"Best sound at the show." Allen demonstrated the award winning Vacuum State DPA-300B power amps with the MaxxHorn speakers and elicited the above comment in Positive Feedback's show report.

Read more (PDF 570k)

Interconnect and Speaker Cables

"As I have come to expect from Allen Wright, he has created an excellent product at a relatively affordable price."

This is Adam Goldfine's conclusion in his review about our interconnect and speker cables in Issue 40 of Positive Feedback Online. He states:

"I can safely say that I have a good sense of the difference cables make in general and what one can expect going from a modest cable to a mid level cable to a top flight cable ... The magnitude of difference the VSE cables made in my system was on the order of what one should expect from the best cables available."

About our speaker cables he writes:

"... with the VSE speaker cables in my system, I heard even more subtlety in the decay than I had with the Muons. The decay lasted longer, I could hear the pitch drop as the drumhead slowed down and everything was just more present and alive...."

and about our interconnects he states:

"... With the VSE interconnects I was now getting the best of both worlds. Their transparency and ability to resolve low level detail made instruments both more tightly focussed and provided a greater sense of air and the original recording space. Each instrument was both more distinct from the space and more realistically in the space. At the same time, the unique size and character of the space itself was more clearly reproduced and at times the speaker end of my room seemed to disappear, replaced by the original recorded space. ..."

Read his complete review

Roy Gregory

Roy Gregory writes about our finished Silver Wire interconnect and Copper Foil speaker cables in HiFi Plus (September 2008):

"... As a result they are both more detailed and more musically expressive, not just letting you hear the background details on the TvZ track more clearly and easily, but making more sense of them too; you hear the dog bark more clearly, but it's also less intrusive. Likewise, the snatches of whispered conversation are fully revealed for the first time in this group, as is the point at which our would be backing singer first starts her low, hummed harmony, something that escaped the notice completely with all the other cables here. ..."

Download his review (PDF 600k) to read more

Interconnect Shootout

We have recently taken part in a 24 interconnect shootout - and won!

The page is in Italian
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Sony SCD-777ES

Positive feedback online - issue 23

Vacuum State Electronics - the Level 5 plus Upgrade for Sony SCD-777ES and SCD-1 players Read more

Positive feedback online - issue 39

The VSEI Sony SACD Saga
- Sony DVP-S9000ES, SCD-777ES, and SCD-1 with level 5, 5 , 6 and 6 upgrades,
by Kartl Lozier
Read more

Sony 9000ES

Audio Perfectionist Review

VSE Upgraded Sony DVP-S9000ES by Richard Hardesty

Read more (PDF 1.4MB)

Positive feedback online - issue 15

"I don't drive stock!" - The Vacuum State Electronics modded 9000ES SACD player Read more

Positive feedback online - issue 23

Sony DVP-S9000ES SACD/CD player - Level 5 mod Read more

Positive feedback online - issue 39

The VSEI Sony SACD Saga
- Sony DVP-S9000ES, SCD-777ES, and SCD-1 with level 5, 5 , 6 and 6 upgrades,
by Kartl Lozier
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