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Brutus Award 2006

A Vacuum State Electronics Level 5 equipped Sony SCD-777ES on a Vibraplane and Black Diamond Racing "The Shelf." If you "don't drive stock!" and are looking at a huge amount of bang for the buck, then this is one you should be looking at. Read more


Blue Note Best Of 2004 Award

Audiolics Anonymous Chapter 63
Blue Note Best Of 2004 Award
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Brutus Award 2004

Best SACD modifications

Allen Wright of Vacuum State Electronics, modified Sony DVP 9000ES (VSEI Level 4 mods, balanced output)

This is an unqualified rave, my friends. (For the full text, check out PFO Issue 15 at

I have heard many very fine modifications developed by Richard Kern, Dan Wright... and now, Allen Wright. Of them all, the Vacuum State Electronics Level 4 mods with balanced output come closest to the sound and virtues of my reference standard EMM Labs CDSD/DAC6 or DCC2 SACD playback systems. If you can't "get thee to a Meitner!" then do the next best thing: get thee to Sir Allen of VSEI!
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Product of the Year

Audiolics Anonymous Chapter 52
Product of the Year 2003
Vacuum State DPA Amplifier
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