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SACD Player Upgrades

Vacuum State are internationally well known for their successful Upgrade work on SACD and CD players. Focusing primarily on the original SONY SCD-1, SCD-777ES and 9000ES models, our latest Level 5 Upgrade has won Awards and been the subject of many reports in print and On-Line Highend Hifi review magazines. We are now expanding this Upgrade service to further brands, notably Marantz and TEAC/Esoteric.

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Karl Lozier from Positive feedback online has written an extensive report on our Upgrades of the Sony DVP-S9000ES, SCD-777ES, and SCD-1 wiith level 5, 5 , 6 and 6 which he calls "The VSEI Sony SACD Saga".
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Level 5+ Explanation

Please note: Various forums, such as Hi-Rez, has carried on discussion about Level 5 , so some explanation is in order:

The " " is not necessary for certain models using the VC24 Digital Filter as it they do not use the S-Tact chip. The models that do are SCD-1, SCD-777ES and SCD-555ES. The fitting of the " " option benefits SACD replay and does not improve CDs on these players. For more information, please contact Allen

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