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SACD Player Upgrades

Vacuum State are internationally well known for their successful Upgrade work on SACD and CD players. Focusing primarily on the original SONY SCD-1, SCD-777ES and 9000ES models, our latest Level 5 Upgrade has won Awards and been the subject of many reports in print and On-Line Highend Hifi review magazines. We are now expanding this Upgrade service to further brands, notably Marantz and TEAC/Esoteric.

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Karl Lozier from Positive feedback online has written an extensive report on our Upgrades of the Sony DVP-S9000ES, SCD-777ES, and SCD-1 wiith level 5, 5 , 6 and 6 which he calls "The VSEI Sony SACD Saga".
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Level 5+ Explanation

Please note: Various forums, such as Hi-Rez, has carried on discussion about Level 5 , so some explanation is in order:

The " " is not necessary for certain models using the VC24 Digital Filter as it they do not use the S-Tact chip. The models that do are SCD-1, SCD-777ES and SCD-555ES. The fitting of the " " option benefits SACD replay and does not improve CDs on these players. For more information, please contact Allen

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Q: I have the level 5 mod on my 777 from Warren
West Coast US Agent] and am wondering if it makes sense for me to keep up with the upgrades?

A: I believe it is - I have had L5 in my own 777ES for over a year in a developmental form which meant I couldn't play RBCD's any more - and while I felt the sonic improvement in SACD playback FAR outweighed the inconvenience of no RBCD playback, it wasn't something that could really be marketed!

But when at Warren's shop last month after we exhibited at the RMAF in Denver - I made the changes to his