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Our Range of Preamplifiers

Vacuum State offers you 3 different preamplifiers:
Our JLTi PhonoPre Phonostage, then our SVP-2 in the middle of our range - which just got a rave review by Roy Gregory in the recent HiFi magazine, and then of course also our absolute state of the art RTP3D preamp.

The Full Featured Realtime RTP3D Preamp

The RTP3D is the result of 25 years of ongoing development based on unique circuit concepts borrowed from the instrumentation world. But as we would never consider it canít be improved in the future, itís been constructed to be easy to upgrade if revisions are found that improve the sonics.

*Complete with Differential Line and RIAA Phono Stages

Download the PDF Brochure (650k)

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SVP-2 Preamplifier